Treatment for nerve injuries from trauma
Treatment for nerve compression

The London Nerve Centre

We offer a unique service for the treatment of surgical disorders of nerves such as nerve injuries from trauma, tumours in nerves and nerve compressions. Such conditions can be skilfully treated surgically so as not to cause any unnecessary further functional deficit or pain. A fully equipped radiological and scanning centre and electrophysiological facilities for diagnostic purposes are available.

A unique simultaneous surgical treatment in cases of complex injuries where nerves, fracture or joint dislocations have been sustained, in one and the same operation can be performed.


With direct access to the extensive facilities of the diagnostic and surgical services, patients receive comprehensive care at every stage of treatment, from clinical and neurophysiological testing through to diagnostic imaging, surgical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

The centre is led by professor Thomas Carlstedt who is a consultant and a Professor in Nerve Surgery at University College London (UCL).

The London Nerve Centre offers advice and treatment for conditions that affect the nerves.