London Nerve Centre has extensive knowledge and experience of surgical treatment of various peripheral nerve problems:

Nerve injury


Nerve Injury

A nerve injury can occur after a cut (as an "open nerve injury" see fig.1 diagram A) or after a blunt trauma or an impact or traction for instance in combination with a fracture or a joint dislocation (a "closed nerve injury" see fig.1 diagram B).

Joint dislocations of shoulder, elbow, hip and knee or fractures of bone can involve severe lesions to nerves that need to be repaired for return of movements and sensation and alleviation of pain

After severe trauma to the upper parts of the extremities, the origin of the nerves (the nerve plexus) can be injured.

The brachial plexus for the arm and the lumbo sacral plexus for the leg are complicated nerve structures. Urgent diagnosis and surgical repair are imperative for good functional recovery.

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