A nerve injury should always be repaired as soon as possible to reach the best possible result.

If the nerve has been interrupted (fig.1 diagram A), the end can be sutured together or if that is not possible, nerve grafts are transplanted to the injured nerve. Superficial insignificant sensory nerves are routinely used in nerve grafting without leaving disturbing sensory loss.

Nerve grafting procedures(fig.1 diagram c) or nerve repairs are performed with microsurgical techniques.


Nerve Injury

A trapped or compressed nerve (fig.2) is surgically decompressed from for instance a ligament or other type of band or scar tissue.


Nerve Decompression

A nerve tumour (fig.3) is in most cases situated within the nerve. A careful microsurgical dissection within the nerve can in most cases remove the lump without interfering with function. The tumour is after surgery sent for analysis.


Nerve Tumour

Post operative treatment by means of physiotherapists and hand therapy are available.

The London Nerve Centre offers advice and treatment for conditions that affect the nerves.